You May be Eligible for RPL

If you have already acquired relevant skills through prior training or work


Enrol in the unit for which you wish to receive recognition and request an RPL Tool Kit from your trainer

You can ask your trainer for guidance if you are unsure whether you are eligible for RPL


Provide Supporting Documentation

You'll need to provide supporting documentation to demonstrate competency, including (1) A CV; (2) Certified copies of your qualifications; (3) Job description(s) of any relevant position(s) held within the past three years; (4) A letter from your direct line manager confirming that you undertake (or undertook) the duties detailed in the job description


Competency Conversation

Your trainer will arrange a time to call you and go over the details of your work experience to confirm your competency in key areas


Your Eligibility is Assessed

Your trainer let you know if you are able to receive Recognition for Prior Learning